Hrad Karlštejn - pěšky přibližně 3 km.

History of Camp Island

Originally (from 30. last century) Horticulture has been on the Island. There is mainly grown tulips, daffodils and lilies island lake. Cut flowers are then packaged, ledovaly and transported by train to Prague. Among other things, there rose a restaurant, and Mr. Anthony Gabriel stood still here bridges the swimming pool with water and cabins for disguise. Then collect the fee 1 crown, now there is no swimming pool and access to water, no one collected.

After the annexation of the Island gardening Communists were closed, stolen property and tulip fields plowed. Later in their place built a community football pitch and built the first holiday cottages. Restaurant deteriorated and after several years was closed.

By now, the island is returned to its original owners (family) and is open to the public. Tulips, however, the original field may never return. Are growing in island pond yellow Štulík, that are protected. Kemp was almost destroyed in the base, when the Czech Republic in 2002 affected by floods. Therefore, it was necessary to rebuild – from scratch. The main effort remains to maintain greenery and a nice quiet environment for a pleasant recreation.

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