TRADITIONAL maypole – Rear Třebaň

The thirteenth edition of Folk Festival TRADITIONAL May Day will be held in RECORD NINE MUNICIPALITIES

Liteň. Flights. Mníšek pod Brdy. Vinařice. Mokropsy. Hlásná Třebaň. Všeradice. Rear Třebaň. Karlstejn. In a record nine municipalities this year will be held Berounka River Folk Festival Staročeské May Day. Thirteen.

The Berounka and Podbrdsko during May arrives forty files from across the country. Viewers can look forward to »seasoned«, annual festival participants, including all folk groups operating around, and the renowned files, that old Czech Mayan civilization will perform for the first time. The most interesting will certainly be nearly forty-collection of folk songs and dances Wallachian Duke of podbeskydských Kozlovice, which appeared in Rome before the Pope, Chodsky file Postřekov, Slovak Šarvanci or Krušnohorská bagpipe band from the Bridge. In addition to the show's organizers dancers and musicians in the villages preparing stylish fairs, Devotions, parades of costumed participants, Ceremonies: claim of right, auction and felling Májek, examples of Czech and Moravian meetings or dances. If you taste like wine, You come into their own in Mokropsy, Beer lovers will enjoy the Years. In MníšEK the Brdy will present craftsmen, Back in Třebaň are planning a small »Chod Festival«.

Rear Třebaň, village green, Saturday 25. May from 8.00

* Domažlická Bagpipe Band * Postrekovsky ethnographic group * Brass Hájenka * Notičky * Costume chasa * Nursery and primary schools Rear Třebaň * Czech Beseda

* From 20.00 Dancing at Social House




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