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On Saturday 23. and Sunday 24. June in Beroun held the first annual sporting event called Berounsky BikeWeekend. On his coming not only professional athletes, but also bike enthusiasts, children, fans of in-line skates and lovers rock. The event builds on the previous six years cyclomarathon, which is always held in late June. It will also cyclomarathon main part of the Sunday program.


Saturday 23. June
9:00 Start road race (Husovo us.)
10:00 Start MTB uphill sprints (at the hospital)
10:00 – 14:00 Children's races
14:00 Starting criteria MTB (Husovo us.)
18:00 Ride the city (in-line, scooters, cycling). Route: That Parkáně (Auto Masarik) – Tyršva - The Archive - The Dražáh - Pilsen Youth and Government-prisoners - Church.
19:00 Concert (camps Beroun): Starring Moped, Bikkinyshop a BLaCK HiLL. Admission is free

Sunday 24. June, Hus Square
9:30 Start children's races
11:30 Starting cyklomaraton (route 45 a 18km)
12:00 Start indoor cycling maratonu
16:00 Announcement of results of the marathon

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