In place of the camp's Country Restaurant, which offers the possibility of lunches (12:00-15:00) and dinner (17:00-20:00) (for agreement with the p. Kodet all-day dining with drinking regime - tel. 603 514 337 or Boarding guests provide their own. Další možnosti stravování restaurace U Mlýna.


The purchase of food can be used in supermarket Třebaň (about 5 minutes. walk). More stores closest available Revnice (about the nearest 2 km from the campsite).


There is a football pitch, volleyball, a ping pong table and a large soccer field (Ordering a large football pitch on tel.732 725 236 Marek Sedláček). There is also a children's playground – Swing, prolízačky, slide, sandpit (unprotected). Parents responsible for child safety. For a small fee you can borrow the soccer ball, volleyball, bad binton, ping pong. We rent a canoe and kayak 40 CZK / hour and punt 60 CZK / hour or ride with Captain rafting 350 CZK / max. 6 people.


There is a lounge with a capacity 32 people, rent is 500,-CZK / day + cleaning. With a lower price use the camp manager in agreement. There are the toilet, kitchen with electric stove and refrigerator. In case of bad weather to make a fire in the fireplace.


The designated fireplaces can spend nice time at the campfire. The center circle is a big fireplace and several other fires on the area of ​​the island mostly near the water or rent grill 50 CZK / day, can be purchased at the front desk and coal 2.5 kg / 100 CZK. For a fee 80 CZK is possible to buy a wheel cut wood.


After a phone is possible to arrange a massage with massage therapist on the island, such. 722 938 670.


The island has a free option to connect to the Internet via local WiFi.