Accommodation capacity in cabins (plan of the camp):

  • Double cabins:

The total number of double cabins are 16 (total of 32 beds). Basic equipment: two single beds (three cabins with bunk beds), table, two chairs, refrigerator. The cabin is also possible to rent an electric cooker and kettle, or dishes (season are included in equipment cabins).

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  • Four-bed cabins

The total number of four-bed cabins is 8 (Total 32 beds). These cabins are more spacious, with refrigerator, kychyňskou line, inside are two bunk beds and a table with four chairs. The cottage is again possible to borrow an electric cooker, kettle, or even dishes (season are included in equipment cabins). Due to its size, the opportunity to put an extra bed bungalows (mattress on the floor). Cottage is particularly suitable for families with children.

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  • Six VIP cabin (no. 25)

This cottage accommodates up to six people, so it can handle even more extended family. It is the only one in camp has its own bathroom with hot water and toilet. The price of electrical appliances: refrigerator, electric cooker and kettle, dishes. No Cottage. 25 is undoubtedly a good choice for your added comfort.


Spaces for tents:

The island is a large editing area for camping (no need to book your place in advance). There is stanaře for shared facilities, outdoor sinks for washing dishes and electrical outlets. You can rent a cooker or kettle (fee 10 CZK per day), or even dishes. It is possible to park cars outside the tent, only under adverse conditions (muddy terrain) Cars must be identified on sites.

Places for caravans and motorhomes:

For caravans and motorhomes is ready a large grassy area. There are electrical connections. Prices according to the current pricelist.

Common bathroom:

Možnost využívat sociální zařízení s teplou vodou se sprchovými automaty na 20,-Kč (in the season at the time of 10. h. do 17. h. hot water off). There are also outdoor sinks for washing dishes and outlet.